spider veinsOver 80 million Americans suffer from symptoms related to unsightly, painful varicose and spider veins. Asclera® is a sclerosing injection for the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins of the legs.

Sclerotherapy is a quick and simple procedure to remove unwanted spider veins from legs. Spider veins are tiny red or blue veins that are highly visible and superficial, unlike varicose veins. They have many causes, include genetic and hormonal factors. At Hereford Patient Express we offer sclerotherapy with Asclera (polidocanol), as the gold standard treatment for spider veins.

Sclerotherapy Procedure
Each spider vein in the treatment area is injected with Asclera using a tiny needle. The injection is relatively painless and well-tolerated. During a half hour procedure, a large area can be covered. There may be mild bruising or temporary discoloration afterwards. Compression hose are worn after treatment to help compress the sites of injection.

Asclera has benefits over traditional hypertonic saline in that it can be used on not just spider veins (which are up to 1 mm) but also on larger reticular veins up to 3 mm in thickness! Asclera is the first drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of spider veins in over 40 years!

What is Asclera sclerotherapy?
Asclera (polidocanol) injections are used for sclerotherapy to treat two types of veins – uncomplicated spider veins (very small varicose veins less than 1mm in diameter) and uncomplicated small varicose veins know as reticular veins (1mm to 3mm in diameter).

In this simple procedure, veins are injected with a sclerosing solution, which causes them to close and thereby fade from view. The procedure may also remedy the bothersome symptoms associated with spider veins, including aching, burning, swelling and night cramps. The treatment only eliminates veins that are no longer used, so there are no effects on blood circulation.

How quickly will I see results?legs
Results occur immediately after treatment. Once the swelling subsides, after a few days, the results are even better.

Is there downtime associated with a sclerotherapy treatment?
Compression stockings should be worn and high-impact activities, hot baths or saunas, and long plane rides should be avoided for several days after the procedure. Otherwise, there is no downtime and patients can resume normal activity immediately after the treatment.

How many session are needed?
Each area requires several treatments to disappear. Treatments are scheduled 4 weeks apart. Veins fade gradually and usually require two or more visits. The average number of visits is 3-6, but patients with many veins or veins that have been present for many years may require more sessions. As this is a gradual process, you must be patient! While these veins have taken years to develop, removing them takes only weeks or months.

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The first treatment is $150 and any following treatments are $100. The compression hose are $40 and are to be worn for 2 weeks after the procedure. The procedure takes about an hour.